Arkádia Slovakia, a.s., Jesenského 561/3 957 01 Bánovce nad Bebravou


Hotel Arkádia provides accommodation in 23 air-conditioned rooms with free wi-fi connection. Breakfast are included in the room rates.

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Other facilities for hotel guests

  • Iron and ironing board renting, hair-dryer renting at reception desk
  • Washing and ironing services (see the actual pricelist at the reception desk)
  • Wake-up call
  • Providing a TAXI on request
  • Information desk
  • Copying and Internet services
  • Conference room
  • Additional bed for 20€/night
  • Parking
    • In front of the main hotel entrance 2€/night
    • In the hotel garage 5€/night
  • City tax is 0,40€/night